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411 Seniors Powered by Age Podcast creation meetings

The 411 Seniors Powered by Age (PBA) podcast periodically hosts podcast creation / recording meetings at which time interested older adults, termed “zoomsters”, can join a Zoom meeting when the podcast is being recorded. At the current time, we are only collecting registration requests for people who would like to learn how to interview guests or occasionally present a special segment. All of our podcast segments are recorded and later uploaded to the 411 website, the official PBA website, eight popular podcast sites, and thereby shared with the 411 community.

The PBA summer program is going to be electric, exciting, and educational. Are you an artist, activist, creative writer, musician, poet, health educator, or event provider who would like to be interviewed on our podcast? Are you an older adult that would like to ask questions or share comments during our online podcast creation meetings?

Please register to receive an invitation to upcoming podcast creation / recording meetings. Please fill in the registration form below and you will receive an automatic message confirming registration. As we schedule group podcast creation meetings, we will send you details on the date and time so you can participate.

Powered by Age Podcast Registration Form


By selecting the agreement checkbox ABOVE, I acknowledge and accept the conditions listed below.

ONLINE POLICY for 411 Seniors Centre Society Powered by Age Podcast (please read carefully)

By registering for this creation meeting, you agree: That this event and its contents are the sole intellectual property of the Powered by Age podcast and therefore cannot be shared with anyone who is not registered for this event. This includes:

    1. Not duplicating, disseminating, or sharing any of the downloadable
      materials (i.e., PDFs, MP3s, documents) unless they are made public.
    2. Honoring this policy allows us to maintain the confidentiality of your fellow participants who may share personal stories.


All persons participating in Powered by Age events consent to the use of their photograph, image, voice and likeness in the meetings (online or in person), recordings, promotions and any and all media. If you do not consent to the use of your photograph, image, voice and likeness in this manner, please do not enter the meetings (online or in person).


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