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For over 45 years, the 411 Seniors Centre Society has been dedicated to the well-being of those aged 55 and older. We are a community hub where people meet, socialize and organize around issues important to older adults. In this section, you will find a timeline of 411’s history spanning from 1977 till now, information on 411 Seniors’ vision and values; exciting details regarding the move to our new location on Fraser Street in Spring 2023; information on our Future Forward funding campaigns; 411 Seniors staff and board member profiles; our privacy policy; and overviews of current projects with partners in our community!

Our Birth

411 Seniors opened its doors in 1977 and quickly became an inclusive, versatile and dynamic drop-in centre for older adults, providing tools, services, programs and activities that enable low income older adults to live independent lives and thrive in the community.

Beloved Dunsmuir Street location

411 Seniors was located on Dunsmuir Street for the first 35 years of its life between 1977 to 2012. Members and staff remember the location fondly as a place where older adults from all over the Lower Mainland came to gather and connect.

Over the first few decades, the Centre grew strong roots in its East Vancouver home, connecting older adults across the city and empowering members to build and strengthen a sense of community and enhance their quality of life.

To this day, the Centre offers year-round programs and workshops that open doors for new friendships and fresh skillsets while improving overall health and wellbeing. 411 Seniors provides opportunities for older adults to be proactive, inclusive, diverse, independent, and healthy.

Move to the Terminal location

In 2012, the 411 Seniors moved temporarily to the 7th floor of 333 Terminal Avenue. While space limitations limited some programming, the Centre remained vibrant and active with a full set of advocacy, education and social programs.

COVID-19 Pandemic

As for so much else, the COVID-19 pandemic challenged the way 411 Seniors had previously run operations. With the health of its members top of mind, 411 swiftly adapted to ensure members had the support they needed whilst feeling safe. A majority of 411 programming moved online, wellness calls were instituted, and 411 kept doors open when it was safe to do so. As the world moved online to a significant extent, the growing need for digital equity (access and proper utilization) became even more evident, and social support both in-person and virtually has remained a top priority at 411 Seniors.

Inaugural Opening at Our New Location

411 Seniors Centre Society has moved to Cedar Cottage-Fraserview, at Fraser and 19th Avenue – another vibrant Vancouver neighbourhood easily accessible by bus.

411 Seniors is excited to welcome old and new members, re-establish old programs and launch new ones, and celebrate where 411 has been and where it is going. 411 Seniors has a meaningful history and is well-positioned to continue its legacy into a new era. The move to 411’s new home represents an opportunity for strengthening and renewal. We look forward to building on 411’s history as a vibrant, community-oriented, dynamic and connected ecosystem of older adults and local community. Learn more HERE.

Future Forward

Privacy Policy

Our New Home


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