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An overarching goal for 411 Seniors is to establish a solid community based framework and practice for future research. One where 411 Seniors is leading the process and identifying research priorities. 411 Seniors is committed to establishing partnerships that look at the digital divide and how it impacts the older adult community. Current projects consider effective ways to bridge the divide, identify best practice and protocols, and explore digital tools in ways that are accessible, fun and informative.

411 Seniors Research Working Group

The 411 Seniors Research Working Group, created in 2022, is made up of board members and members of the 411 community with the goal of building capacity for research on issues and concerns important to the older adults accessing the 411 Seniors Centre. The Research Working Group will act as the resource and point of contact between the 411 community and external governmental, academic, and market/consumer researchers to evaluate incoming research requests, determine best fit and priorities that benefit older adults, as well as facilitate engagement between researchers and the broader 411 membership of older adults. Additionally, the Research Working Group will develop internal research processes that will explore emerging trends and challenges identified by older adults themselves.

Our approach to research partnerships

Our current projects

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LEADS: Learning, Equity, Aging, and Digital for Seniors


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