The 411 Board is made up of smart, thoughtful, enthusiastic, and committed seniors. They are dedicated to the 411 Seniors Centre and are all working hard to make sure it thrives and survives.

Here are a few items that the Board is working on:

The New Centre: Current and former Board members have been working incredibly hard to get the new centre built. It has taken the amazing efforts of Board members for the past ten years to make this happen. Now, we are so close to the new centre opening Board members are redoubling their efforts to make that the new 411 Seniors Centre on Fraser will be a welcoming space for all seniors.

Fundraising: The 411 Seniors Centre needs money to operate. We receive some grants but in order to provide programs and services we need donations. The Board is working on fundraising strategies and encourages you to donate. Donations can be made through the website or by mail.

New Board Members: Some of our great Board members are not running again. We need new Board members to help us move forward. If you are interested in becoming a 411 Board member contact us.

Governance: The 411 Board is working hard to ensure that our seniors centre is well governed, and is a respectful place for all.

Advocacy: At 411 we see daily the impacts of poverty, ageism etc, on seniors. We work to address that through our programs, our Information and Referral Services, our income tax clinic, and our broader advocacy.

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