L-R: Stuart Alcock, David FIsher, Kan Sandhu, Monica Murguia

411 Seniors Centre president, Marion Pollack and board members had a productive meeting with MP Darren Fisher, Parliamentary Secretary to the Federal Minister of Seniors on Thursday, August 25th.

Among the issues discussed were:

  • the need for core funding for community based non profit seniors serving organizations
  • financial situation of 411
  • new facility – progress of construction and challenges
  • the role of seniors centre like ours in addressing the social determinants of health and in keeping seniors healthy, informed and connected
  • the limitations of funding in this day and age
  • problems with service Canada (GIS issues)
  • the digital divide
  • seniors in poverty

Following the visit, 411 Seniors was invited to submit a brief on Service Canada.

Read the 411 Seniors Centre Service Canada brief HERE.

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