Greetings Fellow Members,
Lots happening!  We have an exciting bunch of events and new programs starting over the next couple months but I’ll let the program team provide the details. Last month we got the big news that 411 received the Navigation and Peer Support Backbone Program from the United Way of British Columbia – we had this program a couple years ago and are so pleased it is back with us.  This program means that we will be providing I&R service providers across the Province with supports that are developed to encourage collaboration and enhance program delivery for both the clients of I&R services and the volunteers.  You may have already met Sogol Hosseini and Rebecca Lien two new staff members that will be dedicated to this new program. As well you may have already heard the good news about our Social Meals program this is another program brought to us through the United Way.  Ryan will be managing this program that will be, as the title suggests, socializing around meals.  The goal is to have a “buffet” of classes for participants to choose from – these classes will be focused on culinary skills in other words simply put, these will be cooking classes with the main ingredient being socializing and meeting new friends.
Thank you again United Way! We are very fortunate to have received the funding for these programs!
So look out for the posters related to the Social Meals Program and enjoy the nice weather.
Bon Appetit!  Michael
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