With summer finally here you should know how to protect yourself from a heat dome. Here are some hints.

  1. Spend time in a cool or airconditioned place.
  2. Stay in the shade when outside and wear light, loose fitting clothing a broad hat and sunscreen.
  3. Drink plenty of cool fluids before you feel thirsty. Eat cold foods which contain water such as salads and fruit.
  4. Splash cool water on your head and neck, wear a wet shirt or towel to cool down. Take a cool shower or bath.
  5. Cut down on activities that overheat you and walk slowly.
  6. Know the signs of a medical emergency. Symptoms of heat stroke include high body temp. dizziness or fainting, confusion, lack of coordination, or very hot and red skin.
  7. Check in by phone,video chat, or in-person with anyone you know who is more vulnerable to heat. This includes people over 60, those who live alone, with pre-existing physical or mental conditions, and people who use drugs. Remember to check on pets too.
  8. Close blinds or drapes during the day and only open the windows at night.
  9. Indoor temperatures between 26 (79) and 31(88) degrees can be dangerous. If your home goes above, get to an airconditioned space.
  • Medical Emergencies: Phone 9-1-1
  • Questions on heat-related symptoms: Phone 8-1-1
  • For public locations to help you keep cool: Phone 3-1-1

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