Greetings 411 Seniors’ members, supporters, and friends. Wishing a Happy New Years to you all!

The construction of our new, permanent centre on Fraser Street and 19th Ave. in Vancouver is wrapping up and we are waiting for the City of Vancouver to give us the occupancy permit so we can start moving in. We are anticipating opening the centre to the public in early March, just in time for us to get set up for the annual income tax clinic which start Monday, March 6th. We will announce the exact date of the opening once we have received all the required permits.

The new centre is 7800 square feet and construction was fully funded by the 411 Seniors Centre Society and our membership. It took over a decade of effort by countless committed staff and members of the board of directors to make this new centre a reality. We faced extraordinary challenges with substantial delays waiting for approvals and skyrocketing construction costs, but we have persevered, and we look forward to celebrating this major milestone. The project is a partnership between the housing provider the Community Land Trust, the City of Vancouver who provided the land and the 411 Seniors Centre Society.

The opening of the new centre is the beginning of a new and exciting chapter for the 411 Seniors Centre and the start of the rebuilding of the organization following the disruptions of the last 3 years with the pandemic response and several moves into temporary spaces as we waited for the construction.

What I am hearing from community groups Greetings 411 Seniors’ members, supporters, and friends. Wishing a Happy New Years to you all! across the city is that 2023 is a year of rebuilding and this is true for 411 Seniors. It will take some time and effort to bring back a full range of programs and activities. The greatest challenge is to secure stable operating funding through a committed government funder. Currently, we write grants every year to fund the next year and this does not meet the financial need. But we will persevere and continue to advocate with the City and Province of BC for sustainable operating funding.

So many members of the community have donated during our fundraising appeals. The largest proportion being donations of $20.00. It always amazes me that those who seem to have the least, give the most. Our gratitude to all of you who supported us! The work of the 411 Seniors Centre is a collective effort of many people who volunteer their time and bring their knowledge, skills, and experience to better our community. On behalf of our small staff team, I want to take this opportunity to thank each of you who have carried us through difficult times and applaud the contribution you make. I encourage everyone to join!

As 2023 and the opening of the new centre starts a new chapter for the 411 Seniors Centre, it will also mark the beginning of a new chapter for me. I will be leaving my position as Executive Director of the 411 Seniors Centre at the end of February to focus on my family and caregiving responsibilities. The 411 Seniors Board of Directors is currently in the hiring process for the next Executive Director and they will make the announcement in coming weeks.

Please stay tuned for future announcements on the March opening date. You will find these on the 411 Seniors website or you can call us at 604-684-8171 for updated information.

Leslie Remund
Executive Director

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  • This is so exciting. My journey with 411 started at Dunsmuir Street in 2008. In 2019 I was given a lifetime membership so you aren’t getting rid of me even though I moved to Surrey. I have benefited from this senior centre so much. Thank you and congratulations one and all.

  • I say hello to everyone and It’s really exciting for all of us the new building and the new chapter began also for executive director I wishing the best and good luck . I hope l will continue do my volunteer job the same I did used to . I am be grateful thank you all.

  • Rosita P. Taruc
    February 16, 2023 6:35 pm

    Hello, hope and pray all are well, likewise, very thankful that we will have a permanent 411 Senior Centre Society office, as a lifetime member , ever faithful volunteer, congratulations to all the staff, members, volunteers and donors for making this milestone granted, looking for the coming more activities that will be enjoyable for seniors and all that come to the centre, more so of the Information and Referrals, more power and success, thanks be to God❤️💒🌹🙏😇


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