November 2022 message from the President of 411 Seniors Centre Society

When I read the newsletters from the 411 Seniors Centre I am filled with pride and gratitude. I am proud of the amazing work done by the staff, board, volunteers and members and I am so grateful that people are putting so much effort into our Seniors Centre.

As people know we are in the final stages of moving into our new purpose built seniors centre at 19th and Fraser. It has taken years of work to make this happen and finally we are at a time where we can plan a slow move in the beginning/mid January 2023.

I know that many of you are impatient like me and want the new Centre to be fully functional and operational from day one. Sadly, that is not going to happen. It will be a slow process but one in which the ideas, participation and encouragement of everyone is needed. For me this is a time where I need to learn to be more patient.

In the meantime, besides your continued support, 411 needs money. We do great work with a small staff and wonderful volunteers and that is so important to our identity. But with a new building, more workload for the staff, and so many seniors falling through the cracks, we need money to continue operating.

If you can donate any amount that would be great. If you know a person, organization or a company that could donate, please mention this to one of our staff members.

As we enter the winter months, a period of cold and darker days, I hope all of you stay safe and connected. And please remember, the 411 Seniors Centre is there for you!

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  • This personal message from our president, I find, is so appropriate and welcomed. I completely agree with Marion’s message to the many volunteers and members of our 411Society. Stay safe and cozy through this winter season, and take the time to appreciate our friends in our 411 society. Remember it is not the possessions we have, for the opening of our new center but the great pride and effort that went into this huge move to make it all possible. And finally, we may not have everything we desire for the new center-right off, but we will have each other to share the coming new year with. We shall share together soon which will make all the difference for everyone. Thanks Marion!

  • Long time coming.
    You should all take great pride in the success of your undeterred efforts.

  • I paid my membership fee. You have my email address. The only emails I ever get from you are asking for money. ???

    • Good morning, Robert,
      Thank you for your message. Our records show that on April 14,2022 411 Seniors Centre sent you an acknowledgement email for your membership payment, please check your spam/trash inbox it may got buried there. We appreciate your membership!
      Best regards.
      411 Seniors Centre Society


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