Lots happening at the Centre… Could you script a better summer in  Vancouver – so far at least? The weather has been almost perfect though we could use more rain and the heat this week (August13 -16) has been on the high side but all-in-all it has been an exceptional summer. So maybe that’s why the Centre has been so busy, so many of our programs have been full. However, there are still a number of programs that have spaces such as the art classes and Spanish; French conversation classes etc. Please make sure you are getting the weekly emails called “This Week @ 411”. if you are a member and you’re not getting these emails – please check your Junk Box or call us. These emails not only let you know what programs are on at the Centre but also what events are coming up.

Speaking of events – if you’re a member you’re invited to our Grand Opening / Open House on September 11th (11am-2pm) and you can bring a guest. There will be all the frills of a Grand Opening, entertainment, food and beverages and just a few requisite speeches. There will also be a few of our local leaders in attendance. In this regard, in the past few days we have met with Harwinder Sandhu, the Parliamentary Secretary for Senior Services and Long-Term Care, as well as Ravi Kahlon, the Minister of Housing. These meetings have provided us with an opportunity to further the issues of our seniors.
I am thrilled to report we are finally using our beautiful kitchen – we now have lunches on Wednesday and Fridays from 12:00 – 1pm for as little as $5.00 – (or$4.00 /$20 card) – a meal.

In good news since the last newsletter, we have added Ryan Natividad to our staff. Ryan is officially our Administration Assistant, but he is also what I call our glue. Ryan will be roaming the Centre making sure everything is running smoothly so please say hello to Ryan next time you’re in.

Well, it’s been a busy past couple months here and I am sure it will be even busier in the fall – I look forward to seeing you at the Centre. Please feel free to send me any feedback to mvolker@411seniors.org.
Micheal Volker

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