International Women's Day
International Women’s Day is today, March 8th. It is a day where people around the globe celebrate the gains women have made and redouble their efforts to ensure full equality for all women.
It is a sad but true fact that senior women have less income in our retirement than senior men. Here are some examples of this:
According to the 2016 census. The median income of single senior women in BC is $24,660, which means that half of the seniors in this group had lower incomes and half had higher incomes. The median income of single senior men is $26,660. The gender income gap increases with age: the median income of single women over the age of 85 is $23,710, which is 19 per cent lower than the median income of single men over the age of 85.
Single seniors, who are primarily women, are poorer than seniors in couples. In 2015, 16.0% of single seniors (65+ years old) in British Columbia lived in poverty, more than three times as high as the rate for seniors living in couples (4.9%).
Across the board senior women’s income is lower than senior men’s income. However, even among women, there are significant differences. Here are some examples:
  • senior First Nations women’s average income is 50% of senior white men’s
  • senior Métis women’s average income is 53% of senior white men’s
  • senior Inuit women’s average income is 61% of senior white men’s
  • senior Black women’s average income is 50% of senior white men’s
  • senior Chinese women’s average income is 47% of senior white men’s
  • senior South Asian women’s average income is 43% of senior white men’s
There is also a sizeable gender gap between the amount of CPP men and women receive. Senior women receive less CPP than senior men.
These pay gaps are due to many factors including that women often earn less than men, that we take time out of the labour force to have and raise children, and plain discrimination.
On March 8th, International Women’s Day we need to say that no senior woman should live in poverty. We all deserve respect, dignity, and security as we age.
On International Women’s Day we also need to recognize that the 411 women who are members staff and volunteers are pretty amazing. We have led many different lives but we are strong and resilient.
Some of us have worked and some of us have not but we have all made the world a little better. Some of us have raised children and others have not yet we have all made important contributions to our worlds.
We are mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, friends, learners, laughers, and adventurers (however you define that). We are capable, brave, creative, caring and compassionate. We are survivors. We are all remarkable and resourceful women.
On International Women’s Day we need to celebrate ourselves, the women we know, and continue to work to improve the lives of senior women.
Happy International Women’s Day from the 411 Seniors Centre!
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