IMPORTANT: We are hearing of an increase in telephone & phishing scams targeting seniors. PROTECT YOURSELF.
It is income tax season and scammers are pretending to be CRA representatives. The scammer may even mention a local seniors organization like the 411 Seniors Centre to garner your trust. Here’s how someone can make sure they are talking to an employee from the CRA:
  1. 1. Tell the caller you would like to first verify their identity.
  2. 2. Request and make a note of their:
    1. -Name
    2. Phone number
    3. Office location
    4. End the call
    5. Check the information given during the call is legitimate by contacting the CRA yourself
This should be done before giving any information to the caller.
Here is a helpful booklet on common scams
Available in multiple languages here:…/eng/04333.html
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