Notice by 411 Seniors Centre Society

We are proud to announce that we are granting a lifetime membership to the following members who have selflessly volunteered  their time and energy to support 411 Senior Society’s objectives.

Dorothy Cerney

Dorothy is a long-time volunteer, over 20 years,  who has unconditionally supported 411.  She holds tight to this organization no matter the circumstances and has always been available to participate where and when needed.  Dorothy has a “super power”  – her calm and warm nature makes all those surrounding her feel confident and appreciated and it is a joy to be in her presence.  

Asked what are her secrets to staying young:   keep moving, keep active, meet new and old friends, and to try new things.  An inspiration for us all!


Brian McCaughey

We would also like to recognize Brian for his more than 10 years of service and contributions to the 411 Seniors Society.   A born and raised Vancouverite, Brian has worked in the Ministry of Child and Family Development/Social Development  as a social worker for more than 25 years.

Brian’s life is a life of service to the community.   He states:  “After retiring, I thought my skills in dealing with government paperwork and working with various groups could be a help to seniors. So, I started volunteering at 411 for the information and referral program and did income tax for low-income seniors”.   His rich experience, fantastic communication skills, and his capacity for listening have earned the trust of many. Through the years, Brian has helped the Centre and its members during its most difficult times.  It is with our hearts full of appreciation that we recognize his countless contributions and service to 411 Seniors Society.


Dr. Setty Pendakur

In 2018, Dr. Pendakur was elected to the Board of Directors of 411 and was involved primarily with the Facility Committee.   That suited 411 really well, as his knowledge and skill in navigating local governments, land use issues, and governance methods were very helpful and useful in the development, purchase and construction of our new building at Fraser St. and 19th Avenue.

Dr. Pendakur’s service spans years of involvement on several boards both here and internationally, where he voiced (and continues to voice) opinions on social issues, city planning, transportation, immigration, diversity, equality, arts and his faith/religion.

Notwithstanding his academic career, his history of activism were reflected in his contributions that were honoured, awarded and heeded.

And still, Dr. Pendakur continues to remain strongly involved in the community.  His message to our youth emphasizes  the importance of volunteer work.  He feels volunteer work is a very important part of life that teaches us a lot about ourselves and society.    

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  • Charlotte Murray
    Saturday, 12 August 10:37 am

    I’m moving into your building September 1st. I would like to become a member. What are the fees? Where can they be found ?
    Many thanks!

    • Monica Murguia
      Monday, 14 August 2:51 pm

      Dear Charlotte, thank you for your message, to become a member there is a fee of $10.00 for a year-round membership. I invite you to drop in to fill up the membership application form and make the payment.
      I am looking forward to seeing you soon!

      Monica Murguia

    • It’s easy… we are open Monday-Friday from 9:00 a.m. til 4:30 p.m. There is someone at reception who can help you – by the way, the fee is $10>00.


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