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Greetings! Once again, we are headed into the holiday season and it is a wonderful time to celebrate the changes that the year has brought for all of us. The continuing vaccination program has allowed us to gradually get together in person again. We are very proud that our volunteers and staff were able to continue with the tax clinic, the Information and Referral service and reach out to members by telephone. The Podcast and Ukulele groups remained active by Zoom so seniors continued to share their time, experience, skills, and talents with the 411 community. We thank you all!

As ever, the 411 Board of Directors promoted the social and economic wellbeing of seniors by meeting with government officials and writing letters to policy makers on issues impacting seniors. Our research partnership with the STAR Institute at SFU has produced more articles and 411’s expertise was acknowledged in our leading a province-wide initiative to support peer navigators. We also launched our new web site:

After some complications, we now expect to receive the Occupancy Permit for our new centre early in 2023 so we are planning to orient staff and volunteers before fully moving in. Look for further news! The delays have cost us so you can help by donating to 411 Seniors this season or by asking your friends and family to donate. We truly appreciate your lasting support.

Our Elders, Our Neighbours, Ourselves
Against the background of a persistent pandemic, the 411 Seniors Centre has continued to serve seniors in Greater Vancouver and, while we had to set out some limits, we continued to serve as many people as possible and offer free services, activities and low-cost programs. Our long standing Information & Referral service links seniors to the information they need. We continued this even after moving and help with issues around pensions, benefits, housing & homelessness, community, health and government services. Our wonderful Information and Referral volunteers support people to navigate complex processes and systems. While our society increases the use of technology, we are conscious that some seniors are not computer users and still need our assistance.

We are proud to be led by seniors in all our activities including our program facilitation, sub committee structure and the composition of our board of directors. Our peer model aims to bring people together and create a strong community network of local seniors. Join us and spread the word!

Many of us are not in a position to financially donate. At 411 Seniors we equally value your time and experience!

Here are some other ways you can help:
 Invite a friend to join!
 Share your skills, knowledge and talents by leading a workshop.
 Bring us your ideas and help us fundraise.
 Consider joining a committee or the 411 board of directors.
 Volunteer at the centre!

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