Dear Friends at 411,

I am the person who recently made an anonymous donation of $15,000 to 411 Seniors Society matching donations from other sources. As a long standing member I would like to tell you about why I did it and why I did it that way.

First, I am an individual donor, not a business, a corporation or a foundation. Second, I am not rich, far from it. Third, I have seen and participated in 411 programs and services for years. Year after year the Centre operated on faith, a shoestring, and the dedicated contributions of staff and volunteers. Finally, in later 2019 plans had been completed and approved for the new Center and ground-breaking was set for early 2020. The future was looking bright.

But in March 2020 COVID hit and all the plans turned upside down. 411 was sideswiped by escalating costs and the dreaded ‘supply chain issues’. Funds were eaten up at unimaginable speed. As
well, fundraising was virtually stopped for over 2 years.

The 411 Fundraising Committee continued to work very hard, but funds were short everywhere and every person, especially seniors, had costs and issues that took precedence over the needs of the Society. I am one of the lucky ones and after some consideration I contacted the Chair of the Fundraising Committee and asked if we could work out a system so I could make a moderate size donation and remain anonymous. Why anonymous? I’ll get to that in the
following paragraph. Working with the Chair of the Fundraising Committee, we settled on a pledge of $15,000 in a matching funds campaign.

Now – why anonymity? I am not a rich person. This donation is a big financial stretch for me. I don’t want any assumptions that I can find another $15,000 for another cause because I cannot. However, I am more than pleased to have been able to contribute this money to 411 Seniors Society. This organization has been underfunded always but continues to be The Little Engine That Could. 411 provides such important programs and services to seniors in Vancouver that it must be acknowledged with more than words and letters. I believe we (411 members) and the general public as well, need to acknowledge the importance of 411 with financial support to the extent possible. I have chosen to make my contribution anonymously because the financial stretch is worth it to support such an important organization while keeping my
identity private. Some people are just like that.

But this is my story as the Anonymous Donor. I cannot encourage donors strongly enough. 411 needs the money and it feels good to be part of the solution.

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