The 411 Board of Directors

411’s Board is an active group of up-to sixteen (16) members who support governance and Society operations by acting as advisors to staff, leading and/or participating on committees and, recommending current and future priorities in consultation and dialogue with 411 members,


Would you like to stand for Election to the Board of Directors?  If so, please contact one of the following people before September 9, 2022: before

Nominating Committee Co-Chairs:

Patsy Craig:  Tel:  604-254-9032

Gwen Willox:  Mgs: 604-254-9032

Nominations Process

By September 22, 2022 -The Nominating Committee will meet with people interested in becoming a 411 board members.

September 30, 2022 – A list of recommended candidates will be posted at the 411 Seniors’ office, website and will be mailed to 411 members.

If you miss the September 22 Nominating deadline to nominate a board member:

The general membership of the 411 Seniors Centre Society has extra time after the September 22 deadline date to nominate additional candidates.

This must be done with the written consent of the nominee, endorsed by no less than 5 voting members and filed with the Board Secretary, Alana Kenyon, no less than 3 weeks before the AGM (likely end of November 2022) The closing date for this filing is November 1, 2022.

For a copy of the 411 Seniors Centre Society’s Constitution & Bylaws contact the Board Secretary, Alana Kenyon:  or call Patsy Craig at 604-254-9032

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