Clemencia Gomez, our wonderful 411 SCS community developer, received a wonderful e-mail from a member that I wanted to share with you.  Thank you to SMcC for your kind words and recognizing all the hard work our volunteers and staff do to make our centre successful as well as inviting.  

“I dropped in for lunch yesterday at 411. The quality of the meal had moved up the scale and it was superb. I sat with a gentleman named Roland who is a newish member and originally comes from Goa and Uganda. We had a terrific conversation and found many touchstones for discussion from politics to motorcycles and beyond. It was refreshing. This comes on the heels of the Friday night coffee house at 411 which was well attended and featured a stunning array of talent. Mr. Vogel was a most welcoming host.

All of this is to say, I am in awe at how 411 is successfully ramping up programs and making a lot of people happier. So well done!  SMcC.”

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