submitted by Gary Horswell
What would you like to tell seniors of the future about your experience as a senior?  Perhaps a photo, a poem, or a short story? Or would you like to share a book, a special song or even a movie…
The board and members of 411 SCS will meet in a few months to select items from the entries to be placed in a stainless-steel sealed TIME CAPSULE, which will be opened FIFTY-NINE years from now at the end of our 60 year lease here at 3502 Fraser St.
This is a wonderful opportunity to inform the seniors of the future about you and your experience(s).  Be creative, inspiring and/or informative and most of all, enjoy the thought of the reactions of future seniors discovering OUR memories and treasures!
 Please contact us at for any questions or comments.
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  • Hello this is the most beautiful idea!! I am a social work student and we are currently looking at meaningful projects with our chosen community which we have identified as senior citizens. I would love to share this idea with my colleagues to see if it is possibly something we could do. We are on a time constraint so I’m unsure if this would even be feasible. Would you be so kind to share with me some of your thoughts and knowledge on your project so far? Like how many submissions will go in, how they are being chosen, ect. Again this is such a cool concept!


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