Happy Lunar New Year! gōng xǐ fā cái! I have to admit glad to see 2023 in the review mirror. What a busy year it was for yours truly and especially the end of the year.

As it was entirely expected, December was terribly busy at the Centre. The December holiday events started with the first choir night and ended with a second choir night. Both events were well attended. We also had the first, I think ever, 411 Pancake Breakfast which was modestly attended (30 participants).

The crowning achievement of our holiday events was the holiday lunches. It may have been a bit overly optimistic to have them both on the same day, but it did allow us to leverage our kitchen and other volunteers. The second seating expectedly ran smoother as we learned from some of our mistakes. The best estimation is that we served over 140 hot turkey lunches which included fixings and pumpkin pie.

Overall, we should all (staff & volunteers) be immensely proud of what we were able to offer our members over the holiday season. If you’re a member that attended any of the holiday events or were just here at the Centre, we would love to get your feedback. Next time you’re here… please feel free to ask for me or fill out a feedback form at the front desk. We put a lot of effort into our holiday programs and we would appreciate the input from our members.

Cheers and have a wonderful 2024! Michael Volker

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