Message from Marion Pollack, President 411 Seniors Centre

Saturday October 15, 2022 is the last day you can vote in the municipal elections that are taking place across B.C.

You are encouraged to vote in these elections.

The outcome of these elections actually affect seniors. 

We need:

–  real affordable housing for seniors and many other people
–  community centre and other programs that focus on the needs of seniors
– communities that are age friendly and make sure that seniors can easily get around.

In Vancouver, the 411 Seniors Centre is dependent on an annual grant from the City in order to operate.   Our new facility at 19th and Fraser received a land grant from a previous Vancouver City Council.  In order to get the new facility built and open we regularly interact with City of Vancouver staff.

At the 411 Seniors Centre we are not telling you or recommending any specific candidate or party.  Instead we are asking you to vote for who you think will best represent seniors.

Please vote in the upcoming municipal elections on Saturday October 15th.

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